Rock and Roll or Smooth Jazz

STABLZ Smooths Out the Rock and Roll

I love rock and roll. The classics. Music to drive to, dance to, sing to, and work to. There’s definitely a place for rock and roll, but the surface of your job site isn’t it.

At STABLZ, we’re more like smooth jazz — we make sure your product has four points of contact on any surface. We can make your job site smooth, no matter how rocky it is.

How? Our Tap to Adapt Technology features a patented, game changing vertical support, triangular in shape, that will adapt easily to any terrain with a simple tap of the foot. No bending over or tools required!

If your products are elevated off the ground, then we can elevate your (product) customer experience! What are you waiting for?



If your company’s products are elevated off the ground, STABLZ™ can be engineered to your needs and provide your customer all terrain convenience. Several designs are prototyped, tested, and ready for market. Tap To Adapt™ technology can be scaled from a couple of inches to stories high. To learn more about STABLZ products and licensing opportunities, visit or contact me at or (770) 315-1482.

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