Bora All Terrain Sawhorse with Stablz - Folding Portability

This Holiday Shopping Season, Make Your Online Purchase Wobble Free!

My wife is usually the shopper in the family. But this Cyber Week, there is FINALLY something that can tempt me to jump on my computer to buy — the PM-4520 All-Terrain Sawhorse from BORA featuring STABLZ patented Tap to Adapt design.


That’s right, the wobble free product you’ve been waiting for is finally here and you can buy it online — just in time for your holiday shopping! It’s now available online at, and will soon be available at,,,, and It will be available in retail stores later.


The All-Terrain Sawhorse is the first in a new line of BORA products that will give wobble free convenience on any surface for contractors, tradespeople, and DIY enthusiasts. It’s the only sawhorse that can adapt to any job site in seconds thanks to new, patented technology.


The PM-4520 All-Terrain Sawhorse features STABLZ Tap to Adapt Technology, with a patented, game changing vertical support, triangular in shape. A simple tap of the foot pivots the triangle resulting in four points of contact on any terrain. With signature BORA® instant-deploy technology and leg-folding mechanisms for fast setup and teardown mean you’re saving time at every jobsite you visit.


Elevate your (product) customer experience — become a licensee today!

Are you ready to offer wobble free convenience to your customers? The time is now! If your company’s products are elevated off the ground, STABLZ can be engineered to your needs and provide your customer all terrain convenience.


To learn more about STABLZ products and licensing opportunities, contact me at or (770) 315-1482.


Don’t wait — make your world wobble free today!

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