STABLZ Trek - Boldly Go Where No Sawhorse Has Gone Before

STABLZ Trek – To Boldly Go Where No Sawhorse Has Gone Before

Sawhorse Works Where No Other Sawhorse Will

We’ve all been staying home a lot more lately. What have you been doing with your time? I’ve been watching some of my favorite classic TV shows again. One of those is Star Trek. I enjoy watching the Starship Enterprise “ boldly go where no one has gone before.”

It struck me the other day, that’s what Affinity’s new BORA® All-Terrain Sawhorse featuring STABLZ™ technology can do. You can use it anywhere — it works where no sawhorse has worked before.

If your job site is on uneven terrain, the All-Terrain Sawhorse can adapt to provide four points of contact with a simple tap of the foot. That’s because it incorporates STABLZ™ patented Tap to Adapt™ Technology, featuring our innovative triangular vertical support that pivots with a tap, no tools needed.

Better yet, our technology is applicable across the spectrum of industries — camping, restaurants, construction sites, tailgating, and more. It can be applied to any product elevated off the ground. It will make life easier for everyone from campers to construction workers, from restaurateurs to flea market vendors, and from road-trippers to soccer moms.

Elevate your (product) customer experience — become a licensee today!

We have completed all the hard work. Working with engineers and up-and-coming engineering students at Otterbein University in Ohio, we have several designs already prototyped and tested, ready for market. And we can customize new prototypes to fit your company’s exact needs.

If your company’s products are elevated off the ground, STABLZ™ can be engineered to your needs and provide your customer all terrain convenience.

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