We’ve Got a Wobbler!

Recently I settled down to watch some television with my wife. I was settled into the couch cushion that serves as my personal nest. I was too comfortable to get up when the commercials came on, or even reach for the remote, so I did something rare in today’s world — I watched the commercials. And I’m glad I did!

Progressive Insurance is known for its humorous commercials. In this one, two young couples were out to dinner, but one couple was acting much older because they were becoming their parents. The couple talks about bundling their insurance before the husband notices their wobbly table: “We’ve got a wobbler!”

Much like Progressive, I can’t keep you from becoming your parents, but I CAN fix your wobblers! And not with napkins or coasters. No, my solution is easier than that.

STABLZ Tap to Adapt Technology features a patented, game changing vertical support, triangular in shape, that will adapt easily to uneven surfaces. A simple tap of the foot pivots the triangle resulting in four points of contact on any terrain. No bending over or tools required — it’s that easy!

STABLZ is ready to elevate your (product) customer experience! What are you waiting for?


If your company’s products are elevated off the ground, STABLZ™ can be engineered to your needs and provide your customer all terrain convenience. Several designs are prototyped, tested, and ready for market. Tap To Adapt™ technology can be scaled from a couple of inches to stories high. To learn more about STABLZ products and licensing opportunities, visit taptoadapt.com or contact me at gary@taptoadapt.com or (770) 315-1482.

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