HRO Antenna Tripod Bases

Consider This: STABLZ Portable Freestanding All Terrain Antenna Masts for Radio and Cellular Communications

4G Band 28 Yagi by IG user simonsshaw

4G Band 28 Lightweight Yagi by simonsshaw, who gives credit to for the calculator used in the design.

We recently had a conversation on Instagram with a ham radio operator (HRO) who is building this 3-element mini yagi for 4G Band 28. He reports that while it works fine on the ground, he also knows full well that height is might when it comes to cellular reception. The antenna is light and short enough to be mounted to a pole, but it has been his experience that mounting it on a tripod means he’ll also need to affix guy wires to keep it from being blown over by the wind. His ‘good enough for now’ solution for remote operation has been to mount everything on a pole and to hold the pole in place with his hand during use.

There must be a better way.


Tap to Adapt – A Competitive Advantage for the Right Radio Equipment Manufacturer?

Knowing that 4 legs are better than 3, can STABLZ Technology demonstrably improve how far an HRO can elevate his or her antenna without requiring the additional effort of carrying and installing guy wires for temporary remote operations? By incorporating Tap to Adapt technology, a radio equipment manufacturer could be the first to offer their customers something better than the ubiquitous tripod kits that are available today. Imagine a freestanding antenna base that:

  1. Is easily set up to provide a wobble free footing on any terrain or uneven surface.
  2. Does not require guy wires for antennas up to a certain weight mounted at a certain height.
  3. Allows vertical adjustment of any square or round mast pole up to 4” in diameter.
  4. Is lightweight and easily folded into a compact size for portability.


STABLZ – A Partner in Product Development

Our Tap to Adapt Technology has been successfully incorporated into products that are widely available today and we are eager to leverage our experience in helping develop successful products. In fact, our partnership with The Point at Otterbein University in Westerville, Ohio, means you can have a whole team of engineering students eager to help with prototyping, testing, tweaking, and designing variations for different uses. Upon launch, you can still count on us to be there with marketing resources dedicated to getting the word out.

If this post has got you thinking, reach out to us today so we can find the center of gravity for your application and get started on building a market leading product in your industry. Contact Gary Hoyle at (770) 315-1482 or to start the discussion.

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