Bora Stablz Tap to Adapt All Terrain Sawhorse Reviews at Home Depot

People are Loving STABLZ Tap To Adapt Technology

The new BORA® All-Terrain Sawhorse PM-4520 — the first product on the market featuring STABLZ™ Tap to Adapt Technology — are selling fast! But if you know one thing about me, it’s that my biggest concern is customer satisfaction.

So I took a peek at the reviews, and customers are loving them! I’m going to let the customers tell you what they think. These are ACTUAL reviews from and (where we have 4.7 out of five stars with 20 reviews)!


I bought two, set them up to work on a 10/4 slab Trestle Table that I’m building, so serious weight, and these sawhorses are AWESOME! I have an asphalt floor so it’s “level” but a lot of variation and these work flawlessly. Great product and what a great idea. I was so tired of wobbly sawhorses and trying to shim so that I could do cuts. These are great.


The BORA 36 IN. STEEL ALL TERRAIN SAWHORSE (2-PACK) is a great addition to your workshop and are a must-have if you are a contractor traveling to worksites. These are light-weight, but sturdy and can handle uneven terrain due to a unique design in the way the legs deploy.


These sawhorses are a game changer. They take about 5 seconds to set up. They adapt to ~3” of level change in the ground. They are designed to be built into temporary workbenches with supreme ease.


These are a real quality set of saw horses, especially if you work with them on uneven surfaces such as a lawn… The wobble-free feature is made possible by the legs swiveling. So if one sawhorse is wobbling, you can pull a tab button and tap/turn the legs until they are on even surface and wobbling stops.


The Bora 36 in. Steel All Terrain Sawhorse have set the bar in sturdy and portable storablity… And with the new STABLZ legs design that allows for uneven ground for the legs to twist for a very level stable work table. Genius!


The BORA all terrain saw horses are pretty neat. My driveway is anything but flat, so having the all-terrain feature to help create a work surface when I need to rip a sheet of plywood or something is really nice.


By far the best saw horses I have ever owned. Absolutely no complaints about them at all!

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