High-Tech Reporter In Search of Low-Tech Solution

High-Tech Reporter In Search of Low-Tech Solution

A digital media reporter I know was recently covering a press announcement when he encountered the dreaded wobbly table. The reporter had to shove some paper under the leg to stabilize the table just to do his job. That shouldn’t be happening still in 2020!

The reporter sent me a picture of his dilemma, with a note saying, “Why, in this high tech world, do I still have to shove paper under a wobbly table leg?”

That’s a great question, especially when the solution is here!  STABLZ Tap to Adapt Technology features a patented, game changing vertical support, triangular in shape, that will adapt easily to uneven surfaces. A simple tap of the foot pivots the triangle resulting in four points of contact on any terrain. No bending over or tools required — it’s that simple!

Now is the time to look to the future! If your company’s products are elevated off the ground, STABLZ can be engineered to your needs and provide your customer all terrain convenience.


We have completed all the hard work. Working with engineers and up-and-coming engineering students, we have several designs already prototyped and tested, ready for market. And we can customize new prototypes to fit your company’s exact needs.

To learn more about STABLZ products and licensing opportunities, visit taptoadapt.com or contact me at gary@taptoadapt.com or (770) 315-1482.

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