STABLZ All Terrain Products featuring Tap To Adapt™ Technology

Elevate your (product) customer experience — become a licensee today!

If your product is elevated off the ground, licensing STABLZ™ Tap to Adapt™ Technology can give you the edge over your competition with a WOBBLE FREE product experience.

Until now, nobody has come up with a solution to some of life’s most basic (and most widespread) problems — wobbles! Consider your own experiences with unstable, wobbly tables, sawhorses, camping equipment, playground equipment, and so much more.

Now STABLZ™ has created a solution — our patented Tap to Adapt™ Technology.

STABLZ™ All Terrain Products featuring Tap To Adapt™ Technology feature a patented, game-changing vertical support, triangular in shape, that easily adapts to any surface. A simple tap of the foot pivots the triangle resulting in four points of contact on any terrain. No bending over or tools required — it’s that simple!

STABLZ™ is the gold standard for eliminating wobbles in consumer products!

Why partner with STABLZ™?

Unlike other partners out there, we provide support from conceptualization and prototyping through marketing and social media once you launch.

We are a small, responsive, agile company that can respond quickly to prototype any product to your specific needs. And producing products featuring STABLZtechnology is as affordable as producing the current, less efficient products on the market.

Additionally, by partnering with STABLZ™, you are providing hands-on training to up-and-coming engineering talent at The Point at Otterbein University in Westerville, Ohio.

Features of licensing STABLZ™ for your product designs include:

  • Multiple patents ensure a durable advantage in any market.
  • Scalable design supports products from a few inches to stories high.
  • Hands-on partnership with the inventor from ideation through manufacture.
  • Design, prototyping, and testing support from The Point at Otterbein University.
  • On-going marketing and social media support for launched products.

Tap to Adapt™ has been successfully incorporated into commercially viable products that are widely available today and we are eager to leverage our experience to help develop successful products. Our technology can be engineered to your specifications or we can work from several existing designs that have been prototyped, tested, and are ready for market.

What are you waiting for? Stop using old technology designed only for level surfaces with our simple solution to stabilize your elevated product TODAY!

Commercial and Industrial Applications Include

  • Restaurants
  • Construction & DIY
  • Camping/RV & Sporting Goods
  • Patio/Outdoor Furniture
  • Barbecue Grills
  • Playground Equipment
  • Disaster Recovery/FEMA
  • Humanitarian Aid
  • Irrigation/Farm Equipment
  • Military
  • Traffic Control/Barriers
  • Solar Panels
  • Industrial Pipe/Pipelines
  • Car Repair
  • Dog Agility Courses
  • And more!
STABLZ Logo with 5 Patents

Partner Profile: Affinity Tool Works

Bora All-Terrain Sawhorse Featuring Tap To Adapt Technology from StablzA line of all-terrain work supports provide wobble free convenience on any work site surface for contractors, tradespeople, and DIY enthusiasts.

Affinity Tool Works, a family-owned business in Michigan, has licensed STABLZ™ patents to add an all-terrain line to their popular work supports category. These innovative solutions launched under their Bora® Portamate brand will provide craftspeople of all skill levels the ability to quickly set up a functional workspace anywhere, freeing them up to focus on the task at hand.

The first product in this line is the PM-4520 All-Terrain Sawhorse. It launched in late 2020 and is now widely available online and coming soon to big box and specialty hardware stores around the world.

“STABLZ gives Affinity a competitive edge over existing products on the market, which are using old design and technology. From a business standpoint, STABLZ is a big deal — it’s unique, patented, nobody else has it, and it solves a real problem of stability in shops, garages, or on job sites. Our users are going to appreciate the convenience and safety that STABLZ brings to their work.”
– Connor Ursell, business development manager for Affinity

Affinity Tool Works, LLC, is a provider of professional tools designed to increase productivity, simplify complex tasks, and help produce consistent results. They serve a variety of markets including building and remodeling, do-it-yourself, industrial, and woodworking. For more information, visit