April Showers Bring May Flowers… and Wind

You know the old children’s rhyme – April showers bring May flowers. But adults know that April showers also bring damaging winds.

Outdoor furniture, playground equipment, camping gear and sporting goods are prone to damage by heavy winds, especially if they sit un uneven ground. A wobbly patio table is an unstable patio table.

That’s why STABLZ™ technology is perfect for the great outdoors.

STABLZ™ All Terrain Products with Tap To Adapt technology features a game changing, patented vertical support that pivots to four points of contact on any terrain with a simple tap of the foot.

Four points of contact can mean the difference between playground equipment staying put or blowing over. It can mean the difference between finding your backyard lounge chaise where you left it or in your neighbor’s flower garden.

If your company manufactures outdoor equipment, we can help you exceed your customers’ needs. We have several designs already prototyped and tested, ready for market. And we can customize new prototypes to fit your company’s exact specs and needs. Go to taptoadapt.com and see what STABLZ™ can do for you today.

If you are interested in learning more about what STABLZ™ technology can do for your company’s products, contact me at gary@taptoadapt.com or (770) 315-1482