Affinity Tool Works

Affinity Tool Works, a family-owned business in Michigan, is a licensee of STABLZ patents. The innovative solution will provide convenience for craftsmen of all skill levels.

“STABLZ gives Affinity a competitive edge over existing products on the market, which are using old design and technology. From a business standpoint, STABLZ is a big deal — it’s unique, patented, nobody else has it, and it solves a real problem of stability in shops, garages, or on job sites. Our users are going to appreciate the convenience and safety that STABLZ brings to their work.”
Connor Ursell, business development manager for Affinity

Affinity’ Bora Portamate tools featuring STABLZ technology will be available to consumers in late 2019.

Affinity Tool Works, LLC, is a provider of professional tools designed to increase productivity, simplify complex tasks, and help produce consistent results. They serve a variety of markets including building and remodeling, do-it-yourself, industrial, and woodworking. For more information, visit

Elevate your (product) customer experience — become a licensee today!

If your product is elevated off the ground, STABLZ Tap to Adapt Technology can give you the edge with a WOBBLE FREE product. Tap To Adapt™ Technology is scalable from a couple of inches to stories high. Several designs are prototyped, tested, and ready for market.

To learn more about STABLZ products and licensing opportunities, visit or contact me at or (770) 315-1482.

  • Restaurants
  • Construction
  • DIY
  • Camping/RV
  • Outdoor furniture
  • BBQ grills
  • Sporting goods
  • Playground and recreational equipment
  • Traffic control and barriers
  • Solar panels
  • Industrial pipes and pipelines
  • Irrigation
  • Car repair
  • And more!


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