About Gary Hoyle
Founder and CEO of STABLZ™ All Terrain Products

Gary Hoyle, Founder of STABLZGary Hoyle, founder and CEO of STABLZ™ All Terrain Products, has the ability to see something others often miss — the bigger picture.

Using his ability to see the big picture, he has become a serial entrepreneur, helping to create, launch and grow numerous independent and franchise businesses across a variety of industries.

Years ago, when Hoyle was introduced to an established restaurant in Florida that served breakfast and lunch, he saw an opportunity to franchise. After months of sweet breakfasts, savory lunches and feasibility research, he founded Rise & Dine Restaurants, a breakfast and lunch restaurant franchisor that he led from inception to the first 200 units under development agreements in less than three years. He sold his interest in the company, which now franchises Sunny Street Café restaurants.

And when he was introduced to the geometry that allows four points of contact on even the most unlevel surfaces, he saw greater applications for it, hired designers and founded STABLZ™ All Terrain Products, a multi-industry vertical support that adapts to any terrain with a simple tap of the foot.

Hoyle has a unique insight into what people want. He has a knack for striking up conversations with complete strangers and finding common ground. And there is no doubt that balancing a four-legged table on uneven or rough surfaces is a universal problem.

That’s why his vision for STABLZ™ products is to make life easier for everyone from construction workers to weekend handymen, from restaurateurs to flea market vendors, and from avid campers to soccer moms.

At the same time, he found a way to fill another need — providing educational opportunities for up-and-coming young professionals at his alma mater, Otterbein University. He tapped into the talented staff and engineering students at its innovation center, The Point at Otterbein, for prototyping, testing, tweaking, and designing variations for different uses.

He has given students experience working with professional designers, presenting to potential licensees and, of course, seeing the big picture.

What drives Hoyle? He does it all for fun. He enjoys solving problems, connecting with people and making a difference in the lives of those around him.

Are you ready to join him?

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